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Born and lived in Queens, New York until he was 4 years old. He then spent 2 years in Philadelphia and spent the rest of his youth in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He has wanted to be an actor ever since he can remember and always wanted to work most in television and film. He became interested in all aspects early on and was given his first black and white video camera for his Bar Mitzvah. From making videos in his basement, to writing scripts to later be filmed at his other love of summer camp, Scott was well on his way. In high school, Scott joined the stage crew in his freshman year and made his first appearance on the Cherry Hill East stage for the One-Act play competition. He was involved with all of the plays in high school, noted for such characters as Klinger in MASH and the pawnbroker in A Christmas Carol. He was the stage manager for a touring company that took a musical review to Hawaii. With 4 years of work and dedication to the drama department, Scott won the Thespis Award, the highest honor bestowed on a student in drama. In college, Scott did a little bit of stage acting but majored in communications and acted in almost every show for Hofstra Television. He was most noted for the part of Joseph, the town nerd who after sleeping with the town floozy becomes as cool as Fonzie in the soap opera comedy series, "Maxwell House." In 1991, Scott had moved to California to live the dream, and got a giant taste of making it when he landed the job as Robin Williams' stand-in for the movie, "Hook." Here he learned drama from Dustin Hoffman, comedy from Robin Williams, and directing from Steven Spielberg. He learned a lot about writing as well from Malia Scotch Marmo and Jim V. Hart. Truly it was a fantastic job. He went on to live another dream getting to work on Star Trek as a hand double for Neelix for the first year of "ST: Voyager." In 1995, Scott returned to the New York area, living in Long Island, so he could continue to work during the summers at camp. He took a course in Stand-up Comedy and even had a couple of gigs in some major NY clubs. He got a few background parts and featured roles in movies in NY and "Law and Order." Scott continued to find odd jobs to support his acting and got the chance to live out another dream of playing ice hockey. In 2004, Scott returned to Los Angeles, for another go with the acting, writing and directing. In 2007, began writing a television series, "Who Am I," that combines science fiction, teen drama, and hockey. With a partner he was able to act, write, produce and direct the pilot of that series. Also with that partner in 2009, he started The Syzygy Network which was a sci-fi production company and network to compete with SYFY. In 2012, he moved back to the NY area and with his famous car currently continues to act in TV shows and movies most notably "The Americans," "Gotham," and "Pose." Currently he continues to pursue his dream career.

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